I teach women how to use

CBD and cannabis safely during pregnancy and all stages of motherhood

Over 15 Years Experience in Cannabis

Dr. Michele Ross has educated 1000s of patients and healthcare professionals around the world on cannabis, and can help women safely navigate cannabis and motherhood.


Need help choosing and using the correct CBD and cannabis products safely? Book an online call with Dr. Ross, available in all states and countries.


Need an experienced cannabis clinician as a speaker for your summit or podcast? Dr. Ross is also available for consulting and advisory board opportunities.


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Whether you’re a patient, healthcare professional, or work at a marijuana dispensary, I’ve developed books and courses that are easy to understand but full of tremendous value.

Hello, I'm
Dr. Michele Ross

I’m a best-selling author, reality tv star, and neuroscientist with fibromyalgia who teaches women how to safely use CBD, cannabis, and other plant medicines.

I believe every patient has the ability to become their own healer and that cannabis can boost mood, improve sleep, and relieve pain when the right products and dosing is used.

I’ve worked to make cannabis medicine safe, effective, affordable, and accessible to all women.

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Cannabis & Motherhood Certification Course

Are you a healthcare professional, doula, dispensary owner, CBD brand owner, health coach, or other wellness professional that wants to better understand the risks and benefits of mothers using cannabis without the stigma?


“Dr. Ross is so knowledgeable about the hottest topic right, CBD, and her passion for using it to heal people is amazing. Her energy, humor, and relatability are refreshing and inviting. The type of wisdom and warmth that you’d want if your health journey should include CBD.”
– Ashley Rogers