• Does Morning Sickness Qualify For a Medical Marijuana Card?

    can pregnant women qualify for a medical marijuana card due to nausea?

    Every state that has legalized medical marijuana has different rules about why medical conditions or symptoms qualify someone for a card, including morning sickness. In some states, any condition that a doctor thinks could be helped by cannabis qualifies, while in other states, cannabis use is strictly regulated to only terminal or severely ill patients. […]


  • Kim Kardashian Plans CBD Baby Shower

    Reality TV star having CBD-themed baby shower

    CBD and baby shower – two words I thought would never be in the same sentence. Always pushing boundaries, reality TV star Kim Kardashian West is planning a CBD-themed baby shower because she is REALLY anxious about the upcoming birth of her fourth child. But don’t expect her to be making pot leaf baby shower […]


  • 6 Ways Cannabis Helps Pregnant Moms

    Risks and Benefits of Using Cannabis or CBD While Pregnant

    One of the most common questions I get as a cannabis scientist specializing in neuroscience and women’s health is whether using cannabis or CBD during pregnancy is dangerous for both mom and baby. As we know with most substances, from alcohol to coffee to fish, it’s the amount used and timing during pregnancy that determines […]


  • Can CBD Help You Get Pregnant?

    can hemp help women conceive

    One of the most common questions I get as a cannabis scientist specializing in women’s health is whether cannabis or CBD boots fertility or hurts your chances of conceiving. There’s A LOT of misinformation out there on the internet, especially because writers without a scientific background are just reading headlines of papers they don’t understand. […]