About Cannabis & Motherhood

Who runs Cannabis & Motherhood?

Cannabis & Motherhood is a course created by Infused Health CEO Dr. Michele Ross.

Where is Infused Health available?

Because Infused Health uses a combination of self-guided courses and classes combined with video coaching calls, we serve members across the world. While cannabis may not be legal in every country or state, CBD is available in most countries, and in every country there are legal ways to support your endocannabinoid system through diet and supplements that do not involve THC or CBD.

Even if cannabis is not legal in your state or country, education on the health benefits and use of cannabis is legal. However, Infused Health coaches will only provide purchasing guidance on cannabis if it is legal in your country, and strongly recommend you follow your local laws or move to a location that better serves your health needs.

Are there CMEs or CEs provided for healthcare practitioners that take the course?

We are working to get the course accredited, but at this time no CMEs or CEs are available.

As cannabis is still illegal on the Federal level as a Schedule 1 drug, many doctor, doula, nurse, and clinican bodies that would normally provide certification have declined to provide CEs for any marijuana education at this time.