If you’d like to write for us, including on drmicheleross.com or one of our other related websites, here are some guidelines to keep in mind for guest post submissions:

***We are now charging $20 for permanent sponsored guest posts. After reading the below guidelines submitting your article, if approved, we request $20 payment to michele@infusedhealth.com via Paypal before posting.***

1. We do not accept plagiarized articles and will check that the content is yours and 100% original.

2. Your guest post must be relevant to readers looking for cannabis, CBD, mushrooms, or other wellness content. We’re also specifically seeking content (both cannabis and non-cannabis related) on anything related to motherhood including fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and parenting.

3. Your content should have relevant sources linked to it, such as scientific studies.

4. Your content may contain backlinks, however, they must be relevant to the content, not just be randomly inserted keywords. They also must link to legally compliant sites, no shady cannabis delivery companies, casinos, gun stores, etc.

5. Once the article is published, you cannot published the blog on other websites, as duplicate content harms SEO for both of us.

7. We require a headshot and 1-3 line bio for the author box at the end of the article.

8. We maintain the right to edit the article for grammar, style, and medical accuracy to maintain the quality of our site.

9. Don’t worry about photos, we’ll select and format them.

10. Send your guest post to info@drmicheleross.com with “Guest Post for Dr. Michele Ross” as email title.

11. Sponsored “DOFOLLOW” links on existing articles are also welcome for as small fee of $10. Please fill out the contact us form.

12. Feel free to contact us for any questions.

13. Want to intern for Dr. Michele Ross? We’re looking for interns that can help us create the graphics to share our posts on Pinterest, Facebook, and other social platforms as well as select proper images on blog posts with correct SEO. Please fill out the contact us form.