One of the most common questions I get as a cannabis scientist specializing in neuroscience and women’s health is whether using cannabis or CBD during pregnancy is dangerous for both mom and baby. As we know with most substances, from alcohol to coffee to fish, it’s the amount used and timing during pregnancy that determines what, if any harm, the baby might be exposed to.

There are several reasons why a woman might use cannabis before and after becoming pregnant, including its medical use as well as its ability to replace alcohol or harder recreational drugs. In fact, many medical marijuana patients with unplanned pregnancies continue to use cannabis to manage their chronic pain instead of addictive and potentially deadly opioid prescriptions which can also harm their unborn child.

This infographic above is not to downplay the possibility of potential harm from cannabis to your child. Smoking cannabis joints daily or consuming high amounts of THC in edibles may cause low birth weight and other health issues in your child, including some that may not show up later in life. However, many women have used cannabis and CBD during pregnancy without any issues, and some even believe their health & the health of their child was improved because cannabis helped them eat or reduce their symptoms of depression.

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